Physical health plays a crucial role in preventing ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION. DIABETES and cardiovascular disease are two major causes of ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION. Both DIABETES and cardiovascular disease can be thwarted with the proper exercise and diet. Exercise improves the overall function of blood vessels, which aid in achieving an erection.

LOSE WEIGHT and Get Active

  • Research says that walking 30 minutes a day a few times a week may lower the risk of erectile dysfunction.
  • Mix up your cardio with weight training. Resistance training has been shown to improve endothelial function as well. Endothelial lines the blood vessels in the heart and penis.
  • An Australian study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that losing just 5% to 10% of body weight over a two-month period improved the erectile function and revved up the sex drives of obese men with DIABETES.
  • Excess weight, including BELLY FAT, affects the proper functioning of blood vessels and testosterone PRODUCTION, which are both responsible for achieving an erection.
  • A poor diet filled with fatty foods not only clogs arteries but causes weight gain.
  • Dr. Kevin Billups says “if you can’t see your belly, that’s a problem”.
  • Cardio improves physical health


Are you insulin resistant?
Insulin makes you fat by loading your cells with sugar. It also makes LOSING WEIGHT difficult by locking the doors to fat cells. Here is a simple way to see if you are insulin resistant according to the book,The Great Cholesterol Myth“…
“Stand in front of a wall and walk toward it. If your belly touches the wall before the rest of your body, there’s an excellent chance that you’re insulin resistant”.


Not only is smoking linked to certain forms of cancer, it could cause erectile dysfunction by causing vascular disease and inhibiting circulation. Smoking could also contribute to high blood pressure. Men who smoke are about twice as likely to develop erectile dysfunction as nonsmokers.


Do you brush your teeth at least twice a day?

Do you floss daily?

Here are alarming stats about poor dental hygiene and erectile dysfunction…

  • The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that men with erectile dysfunction are three times more likely to have GUM DISEASE than men who do not.
  • Turkish researchers found that 53% of the male patients with erectile dysfunction had severe GUM DISEASE (chronic periodontitis) compared with 23% who did not have ED.
  • According to the CDC, nearly half of American adults over 30 (64 million) have periodontal disease-56 percent of whom are men.
Flossing daily help with having good physical health

Oral health adds to physical health

What happens during gum disease?

When gums are diseased, inflammation occurs. Inflammation can spread from the gums and affect other parts of the body. Also, gum disease may cause bacteria to spread from the mouth into the blood stream. This may damage blood vessels, which may SLOW blood flow to the penis.

In all, get active, eat healthier, brush/floss your teeth and dish the cigarettes!